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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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Week 13 w.c. 6.12.21

This week, we have our reading and grammar assessments.  Your child will sit these papers when they return to school.


We will also be finishing writing our narrative version of the Highwayman.


Please see below for a copy of the poem to remind you of the content.


We will be breaking the story-writing down into at least two sessions.  Having written the opening last week, we will write the build-up (Tim overhearing Bess and the Highwayman) and dilemma/problem (King George's men tying Bess up as bait for catching the Highwayman) on one day.  We will then write the resolution (Bess warning the Highwayman with her death) and the ending (what happens to the Highwayman) on another day.


The checklist below gives an indication of the content to try to include.