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Week 2 wc 26.4.21

This week, we begin our learning about fractions.  We will link this back to our learning about equal/unequal groups and division by sharing/grouping.



On Monday, we will recap recognising a half and learn about finding half of a number amount.  Please watch the videos below.  Can you fold a piece of paper into two equal parts to show a half.  Can you colour half of each shape on page 1 of the sheet?

Then we will investigate which numbers can be shared exactly into two equal groups, to find half of them, eg. 10 gives 5 in each group so 1/2 (half) of 10 = 5.  Which numbers up to 20 can you find half of?  Which numbers can't be shared into two equal groups?  What do you notice?

Spr2.10.3 - Recognise a half

Spr2.10.4 - Find a half


Now, we will move on to finding a quarter, recognising this as half of a half.  Please watch the video below to support with this learning.

Can you colour 1/4 of the shapes on the sheet?

Spr2.10.5 - Recognise a quarter


Today, we will investigate finding one quarter of number amounts.

Please watch the video then use the PPT to try the investigation - which amounts can the children each have 1/4 of by sharing equally into 4 groups?

Spr2.11.1 - Find a quarter


Today, we will learn to find one third.  Please watch the video to support this learning.

We will be investigating finding one third of different shapes and different amounts by grouping them equally into 3.

Spr2.11.2 - Recognise a third