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Week 5 (w/c 1.2.21)

Maths: You can print off this multiplication square if your child is still becoming familiar with their times tables.

Children in Year 3 should be familiar with their 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 times tables.



Maths - Further Practice on Remainders



Maths - Scaling

Scaling - video


Maths - How Many Ways

How Many Ways? - Video


Review from the last couple of weeks:


1. Why are skeletons important? Name 3 functions of a skeleton and what they do for us?

2. Do all animals have a skeleton? Write a few sentences explaining what you know. 


Why do we need muscles? Video

How muscles work? Video


Have a look through the PowerPoint below


Can you make your own muscles? Have a go at making a muscle model.

You could even try the 'Articulated Hand' model that shows how the hand bones, muscles and tendons work together to help make movement in the hand. You can also see a video here of how to make it: video


Maths - Consolidation of multiplication & division

This is an optional worksheet (an assessment for the end of the unit).

It covers everything that we have looked at this half term in the unit 'Multiplication and Division'