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w.c. 17.01.22

Monday 17 January


In school today, we will be doing a grammar assessment (which unfortunately you will have to do when you get back to school). To prepare, we've put a little grammar test on the home learning page for today. So you can remind yourself of all the grammar we've covered so far this year. 
There's PowerPoint with some warm-up grammar exercises before you do the test. 


(Note to parents: answers to the test are on the last couple pages of the PDF file.)



Chapter 5 and 6 of Running on Empty

Tuesday 18 January


We will be having a poetry week this week. Today, we will explore why poetry is important and listen to a poem by A.F. Harold. 

There's two video links and a PowerPoint that explains all the work. Unfortunately, you will have to switch between PowerPoint and videos a bit. Make sure you play the PowerPoint as a slide show. 


Reading for today is Chapter 4 of Running on Empty.


Have fun!

Wednesday 19 January


We're going to explore the poem 'The Taste of a Biscuit' by A.F. Harold further today. If possible, have a copy of the poem printed so it's easier to annotate. 

When your reading the poem, you will be looking especially at the way A.F. Harold uses language. You might also want to watch him perform his poem by using yesterday's link. 


Please, also read Chapter 5 'Running on Empty'  of the Running on Empty. 


Good luck!



Thursday 20 January


After exploring somebody else's poetry, it's up to you today. We're going to look at another poem and then it's your turn to show us what a poet you can be. 
In the resources, you'll find an example of a poem based on 'The Taste of a Biscuit'. If you're stuck for ideas you could have a look at the poem 'The Chocolate Trainer' and compare it to A.F. Harold's poem to see how his poem was used as a model. This is not strictly necessary, just something to help you if you'd like it. 


Please, also read Chapter 6 'Stuff' of Running on Empty.


I'm looking forward to seeing the results!