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Holy Trinity C of E Primary School

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This week, we will continue our shape learning.

Please see the video links below for the White Rose videos to introduce the learning for each activity.

Monday, please watch the Count Sides and Count Vertices videos (NB: vertices = corners). We will be investigating the question, does a 2D shape have the same number of sides as vertices?  Can you find or draw different 2D shapes and count their sides and vertices to prove our answer to the question.


Wednesday, please watch the Draw 2D Shapes video.  Can you draw some 2D shapes (triangle, square, oblong/rectangle, pentagon, hexagon) using squared paper, particularly practising your ruler and pencil control?  Can you explore whether all squares (for example) look the same or whether we can draw different ones?

Thursday, we will learn about a line of symmetry in shapes.  Please watch the Lines of Symmetry video.  We will use the cut-outs of various 2D shapes and fold them to see if they fold exactly in half/have a line of symmetry, these can be found below.  We will also use mirrors along this line of symmetry to show that it is exactly the same either side of the mirror.


Friday, we will apply our knowledge of symmetry to draw the second half of shapes on a line of symmetry.  Please watch the Lines of Symmetry - draw the whole - video.  We will discuss finding the vertices of the shape and counting how many squares they are away from the line of symmetry, putting a dot at the correct distance and then drawing in the sides to complete the shape.  

Mental Maths

For Mental Maths this week, we will be revising the following content:

- How many different totals can you make using coins?

- Can you add the prices (less than £1) of two items?

- Can you find the difference between two prices by counting on?