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Thursday independent activity

Today, we are learning to draw pictograms.  Where tally charts use lines to represent the data (amount of items), pictograms use pictures.  Today's pictograms use 1 picture to represent 1 item.

Please see below for the video to recap today's learning from the zoom.

Then please complete either the worksheet or the practical activity.

White Rose video - Draw Pictograms (1-1) activity

For today's practical activity, we would like you to create a pictogram to represent something you have at home.  You could choose some of your toys, fruit in your kitchen, different colour t-shirts that you have.  Count up how many of each type you have then draw a pictogram to show this.  For example, Miss Cottrell has apples, bananas and oranges in her fruit bowl.  She has 4 bananas, 7 oranges and 2 apples so her pictogram would look like this:
Can you create your own pictogram?  Please send us a picture of your pictogram so it can be shared on the Wonderful Work page.

You could have a look at the Sort The Street houses on the pdf.  How would you sort them into groups for a pictogram?  Can you draw a pictogram to represent them?  You might look at the colour of the doors, whether they are tall or short.....


There are also some further problem solving activities on the Word document.