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The content below reflects the lessons that we would have delivered in the spring term. 

We have also included the resources and activities from Amnesty International that we would have used in lessons. 


The 3 objectives for Year 3 are:

  • To understand how humans work collaboratively towards shared goals.
  • To understand how humans make their own choices about food & benefits of eating a balanced diet (see our science curriculum for more on this)

  • To understand why and how rules and laws that protect them and others are made and enforced 

Working Collaboratively

Eating a Balanced Diet

Human Rights - How laws protect people of the world


We Are All Born Free - Amnesty International Lesson 1


Millions of people lost their lives during the two World Wars of the 20th century and millions more were driven from their homes. The leaders of the world got together and set up a new organisation called the United Nation. It aimed to help stop wars between countries and build a better world. 


Its first job was to draw up a list of human rights that below to everyone in the world. They called this list the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They are protected rights. 


Everybody - We are All Born Free video:


We have rights to live, to get married, to go to school, to play. We have rights to food, shelter and travel. We have rights to think and say what we believe in. We have rights to be treated fairly and to have peace and order. 


Amnesty International activity 


The below powerpoint shows all 13 of the 30 articles (points) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

  • Look through the images in the powerpoint 
  • Choose an article from the powerpoint
  • Write a short story about one of them based on what you notice in the picture. 


Right Up Your Street - Amnesty International Lesson 2

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights were put together in 1948, after the Second World War


Have a look at the picture below:

This is a scene of everyday life. Everyday people enjoying and using their human rights. Some people in the picture are having their rights denied. 

  • What do you notice in the picture?
  • Where in the world might this street be?
  • Is there anything in the picture that you would never see in this country?


Now look at the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

  • Look at the children in the playground - which human right is this?
  • What is happening outside the sweetshop? Have the police caught the real thief? I see the real thief behind them with a bag of sweets! So what human right is being denied to the boy the police have caught?
  • Look at the crowd in the middle. What human right are they demanding? 
  • What else can you see?