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Summer Term Week Beginning 16th May 2022

This week, we be learning English alongside history.  We will be researching the life of William Shakespeare.  Do you or your family already know anything about him?  Have you seen anything about him in our town?  How could we find out more about him?


Start by watching CBeebies: Who is William Shakespeare? - YouTube.   Take turns with your adult to say a fact that you learnt.


We will also be practising punctuating sentences this week.  Can you write a few of your facts as full sentences for us?  Check that you have used capital  letters for the start of the sentence and any names.  Check that you have used a full stop for the end of the sentence.  What more would you like to know about Shakespeare?  Write a question about him too.  Check that you have used a question mark for the end of your sentence.


*If your child is at an early stage in their learning journey, they can record their facts as pictures and simple words with your support.  If you go for a walk around town, you might like to look for statues, signs and other sources of information about William Shakespeare.  We would love to see photos to share with the class.*

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