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Thursday 19th - Back to School

Our lesson today is a mixture of English and science.  Our learning objective is to use our new scientific vocabulary when sharing our ideas.


We have learnt that objects are made from materials.  These materials have different properties.  Look at the Bear Powerpoint together.  Discuss the questions in the Powerpoint using the vocabulary from the word mat.  Some possible answers are below.


  1. This cuddly toy is made from fabric.  It is soft and absorbent.
  2. This garden ornament is made from rock.  It is hard and waterproof.
  3. This necklace is made from metal.  It is shiny and smooth.
  4. This indoor ornament is made from glass. It is transparent but not bendy.
  5. This bath toy made from plastic.  It is waterproof not absorbent.v

My New Bear Word Mat

Imagine that you were going to make a new bear.  What would it be like?  Which material would be used to make it?  Why?  What are the properties of this material?  Discuss this together using the vocabulary from the word mat.


On the writing sheet below, draw the bear that you imagined.  During tomorrow's lesson, you will write sentences to describe your bear.  Choose which words you will need from our word mat.  Practise using these words in full spoken sentences about your bear, such as those below.


  • My bear is made from plastic.
  • It is waterproof, so it can go in the pool.
  • It feels smooth and hard.
  • Its eyes are brown and shiny.