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WB 31/01/22

Monday 31st January 2022


L.O: To identify biomes in the natural world.

Watch the video below to learn about 11 types of biomes. Use the pictures below to create a thematic map of the world's biomes. Then choose a biome of your choice

Tuesday 1st February 2022

Wednesday 2nd February 2022


Using your research from yesterday to create a non-chronological report based on your chosen biome. Your report must include:


  • climate (temperature, percipitation, seasons) 
  • physical features of biome
  • countries/areas where this biome can be found
  • animals (Fauna)
  • How animals have adapted to their environment
  • plants (Flora)
  • How these plants have adapted to their environment
  • Any environmental threats to biome

Thursday 3rd February 2022

Friday 4th February 2022