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Week Beginning 8th March

Over the next two weeks we will be listening to, responding to and learning the Easter Story. By the end of next week, the children will be able to write some of the Easter story in their own words, in full sentences. Let's start by watching the films. There are 5 activities: one for each day of this week. Watch the films as many times as you need to.
Activity 1:  How do you think Jesus was feeling when he rode into Jerusalem? Most people were very happy to see him and were waving palm branches and shouting out praises to God. However, many others were scared that Jesus had come to take away their power over the people and did not like him. Jesus knew that he was going to have to die before he could rise again from the dead. Draw a picture of Jesus riding into Jerusalem and try to think of some feelings words that he might have been thinking. Write these at the bottom of the picture. 
Activity 2: We are going to learn how to use the prefix 'un'. Look at the powerpoint below:

Activity 3: How many 'un' prefixes can you find in this story?

Activity 4: Here are some mixed up pictures from the Easter story. Can you number them from 1 in the correct order?

Activity 5: Now let's draw a story map for the story. Watch the video again if you need to. Just draw the main parts from the story.