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Week Beginning 2nd November

This week we will read and write poetry about bears. We will use the fantastic vocabulary we learned before half term to help us describe bears. Look at the describing bears powerpoint below. Can you describe the bears using adjectives and other descriptive phrases? For example, 'I can see a huge white bear with paws as big as dinner plates.' Try playing a game with your adult. One of you describes a picture (1,2,3 or 4) and the other has to guess which picture you are talking about. 


Listen to some of the poems read aloud. Which were your favourite poems? Which describing words do you think were the best? 


Some of the poems are riddles, where you have to guess what animal is being described. Could you write some clues and see if someone can guess your riddle?


Phonics: This week we are continuing to revise Phase 4. In this phase we do not learn any new sounds (phonemes) but we practise blending the sounds we know. We focus on blending two consonants at the beginning or end of the words. eg snap, or jump. See our phonics page for links to practise this. 


Handwriting: We will continue with the letters: r,n,m,h. See our handwriting page for more information and practise sheets.