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Week beginning 29th March

In school we will be writing the explanations that we planned last week.


Here is an idea for an Easter story. What do you think the Easter Bunny does when they are not hiding Easter eggs? Could you write an exciting story about something that happened to the Easter Bunny? Try this learning sequence:


1. Draw a picture to work out your ideas.

2. Practise saying your story out loud. Does it sound good? Could you make it even better by adding some time words or some great adjectives (describing words)?

3. Write your story. Don't forget that you can use your word and phonic mats to help you. Challenge yourself to use your best joined handwriting.

4. Read back your story. Does it make sense? Did you remember all your capital letters and full stops. 


If you would like to email me your story, I would love to read it out to the class. Good luck!