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Week Beginning 22nd March

This week we are working towards writing an explanation of whether we would prefer to live in England or Australia. We will need to learn some important words to help us write this. Let's start by looking at the following powerpoint. Do you know what all the blue words mean?

Powerpoint comparing England and Australia

Activity 1:

We are going to have a chance to write to some school children in Australia using email. What would you like to find out about living in Australia? Try to write three questions in your home learning book. Don't forget to start with a capital letter and end the question with a question mark. 

Activity 2:

Can you write two lists. On the first list, write down the things you think are the same about Australia and England. On the second list, write down the things that are different. Did you have more similarities or differences?

Activity 3:

Look at a weather forecast for Adelaide, in Australia and for Stratford-upon-Avon. What would you have to wear if you were in Adelaide and what would you wear in Stratford? Draw a picture of you wearing suitable clothes for each place.


Acivity 4: Now it is time to think about all the things we have found out about Australia and the UK so far. Use this planning sheet to draw pictures of what you have found out for each place. Try to decide which place you would rather live in. Write a sentence at the bottom of the page to explain your decision. 

Activity 5:

Now you have found out a lot about Australia and the UK. Use your planning sheet to help you write some sentences about what you know about the two countries. At the end of the writing, put a sentence to say which country you would prefer to live in and why. Please use your best handwriting and use capital letters and full stops. 

There is a word mat below which should help you. Good luck. We can't wait to read your wonderful writing!