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Week Beginning 15th March

This week we will continue to learn the Easter Story. You may want to start by re-watching the videos from last week. 
Activity 1: Use your story map from last week to practise telling the story using a story stick. If you are not sure how to do this look at the Literacy for Tuesday 17th November where we model how to do it. 
Activity 4: Now let's write some of The Easter Story. It's very long so we do not expect you to write all of it. Choose your favourite part. Remember to use sentences with capital letter and full stops and use your very best handwriting please. There is a word mat below to help you as well as the usual phonic mats. We can't wait to read your writing!
Activity 5: Check your writing carefully and see if you can add any missed capital letters and full stops. Does it all make sense?

Practise your handwriting: