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Tuesday 28th April

Here is a video to introduce finding a quarter.

Still image for this video

Enjoy exploring quarters in different practical ways.  Please choose from the following ideas or create your own.  Your child could make pretend cookies from playdough and split them into halves and quarters.  Cutting paper circles and squares into quarters is also fun.  Your child could check that you have split food items into halves and quarters when helping you prepare meals.  A favourite activity is baking cupcakes and cutting them into quarters.  Please ask your child to check that they have made four equal pieces.  Please also encourage your child to tell you that a quarter is one of four equal pieces or parts. 

Please do the White Rose lesson 2 for the week beginning 27th April . In the lesson for 25th April, there is an error in the introduction. There is an array of ten objects, so the answers should be 2+2+2+2+2=10 or 5+5=10. This has been reported so hopefully they will change it!