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If your child has not yet done so, please complete White Rose Week 6 Lesson 2: Compare Mass  Please also do this lesson if the alternative task from yesterday was challenging for your child.

If your child is confident with comparing mass, please use today to practise number bonds to 10 and number bonds to 20.  


Remind yourself of number bonds to 10 by watching Mrs Musgrove's Number Bond Rap from the Mental Maths section of our home learning page.  Then use your number bonds to 10 to complete questions 1 to 8 on the sheet below.  Use the Numicon pictures to help you.  If you are confident, complete the remaining questions.  There is an extension on the second page.


You might also enjoy playing Topmarks Hit The Button  This game can help you remember your number bonds quickly.  Please select "Number Bonds" and "Make 10" from the "Up to 10" section.  Once your are confident, you can play "Make 20" from the "Up to 20" section.   Challenge yourself to beat your last score!