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Letter from the DFE about Phonic Lessons on Youtube

If the links in this letter do not work for you, please try accessing the videos via

How to use the phonic powerpoints

This powerpoint will be changed every school day. We teach phonics everyday and use these powerpoints. Do not try to print this - it will take all your ink and is not designed to be used on paper.  Click through it with your child watching the screen. The adult needs to be in charge of the mouse. When you get to the section 'Can you write these tricky words?', stop when you see the word and discuss it with your child eg. Are there any tricky bits? How many letters? Can you say the letter names (not sounds)? Then quickly click through the next few slides which will make the word appear to flash. When you get to the slide with the smiley face and a pencil, stop and ask your child to try and write the word without looking at it. Then click to the next slide and ask the child to check their written word. Likewise, when you get to the slide, 'Can you write this sentence?', you will need to have a quick look at the sentence and then repeat it several times to your child so that they can memorise it. Then they write it without looking at it. When they have finished check it with the last slide. Did they remember their capital letter and full stop?

The slides that have a picture of a monster on them are made up nonsense words designed to make your child practise their phonics on an unknown word. These are used in the national year 1 screening test and so the children need to be comfortable reading them. They should know that they are nonsense words. 


If you have difficulty using the phonics powerpoint, you could watch the videos on Espresso instead. These are good revision but don't cover as much ground as the powerpoints. Log in details: Username: student29804  Password: willow


Another great site for phonics is Phonicsplay:  Username: march20  Password: home