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Friday 1st May

Friday is challenge day! 

We are going to give you three different challenges. The first is the easiest, then the second and the last is a super challenge. You can do just one of them or more. The super challenge is quite tricky so don't worry if you find it too hard at this stage - it is probably more appropriate for year 2 children but we know some of you will want to try it!


For challenge 1, watch the video and then print off the sheet below to colour in quarters in different ways. 


For challenge 2, use the powerpoint. Click through the powerpoint as a slideshow. Each slide will give a problem. Pause and try to work out the problem on some scrap paper or in your home learning book. Then click and the powerpoint will show you the answer so you can check yours.


For challenge 3, try White Rose daily maths lesson 4 on problem solving.



Folding Paper Challenge

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Finding a Quarter in Different Ways Challenge

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